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Gardening Tips For Beginners!


Gardening can be pursued as a hobby or a passion, or a profession or recreation. However you seek it, gardening is one of the exciting and fun activities. Gardening does not only brings happiness to a gardener’s life but also brings home a green beauty that gets admired by everyone who visits the home. If you want to pursue gardening and are new to it, here are some tips lined up for you. A glance at it!

Choose the correct spot for your garden!

Start from scratch; take small steps one by one. Choose a space that is pretty small initially. Ensure that the area you opt for has direct access to sunlight at least for 5 to 6 hours a day. Ignore picking up places with strong winds as it could harm the young budding plants. Furthermore, be clear about the information regarding watering, picking, and caring for plants.

perfect garden

“Plant plant which plant do I choose?”

Firstly, picture a perfect garden in your mind. What is your mind dreaming of? A stunning spread of herbs? Then, choose it. Or a gorgeous flower bed? Don’t overthink; go for it! Wait, or a kitchen garden to bring out the chef in you? Opt it, because, why not?

Irrespective of what plant you choose, ensure that you start with a single variety of plants as taking small steps is necessary for beginners!

Get ready with the essential gardening tools!

Let me be transparent with you about what tools are the so-called “must-haves.” You will require a pair of pruning scissors, a trowel, a spade, a garden fork, a garden hose or pipe, a gardening knife, and a watering can. These are used for various purposes, such as digging, watering, weeding, cutting bushes, and dead plants.

lovely plants

Plan, label, and organise!

Before planting your lovely plants, plan about their future. What say?

Ensure which plant goes where and pay attention to spacing. For instance, if young plants are placed next to each other, their growth and improvement can get affected and will end up with problems that lead to diseases and death of plants. So, be careful.

Secondly, how about a shower of love to plants by naming them? Make small labels on the plants and come up with cute and different names for the baby plants!

Furthermore, make a scrapbook of your own and note the garden’s progress; it is more likely journalling. Add pictures, photographs, sketches, and notes of how has your baby plants’ growth taken place. This will help you understand plants and their nature!

organic fertilisers

Say yes to organic fertilisers!

Fertilisers are the best friends of any gardener. Do not rely on the ones you get at the market, yet make your organic fertilisers. Look out for the process of preparing organic fertilisers and use them on your young plants. This will keep your plants healthy and good!